A cocktail of history - “the old continent”, vibrant cities and scenic landscapes

A rich cultural heritage and natural diversity

Though Europe is one of the smallest of the world's continents, it is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization. With thousands of years of historical evolution, nowadays, many countries found here form the European Community.
A patchwork of social, economic, and cultural development, formed by sovereign nations with stable succession and continuity. The shaping of Europe as it is now is due to many historical events, still to be found in daily life all around this continent. Religion, languages, and customs make a very interesting mix, especially topped off by art and culture found in each country you can visit here.


Small historical towns

A beautiful variation of landscapes in warm and cold regions. Small historical towns like open-air museums and bursting cities and main capitals, all are worth a visit.
Each country is keen on its history and also focused on the future, making it interesting to return here once you get a taste of it.

Many waterways are to be found here, making it interesting to consider a river cruise, taking you from one region to another or visiting several countries at once.
Atlantic cruises serve you with magical highlights of Western Europe; a great way to visit the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Portugal.


There are numerous choices you can make! For exploring Europe by Small Ship Cruise, please also see the destinations of The Mediterranean and Northern Europe & Scandinavia.

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