About us

All our cruises are operated with relatively small ships.
These Boutique cruises take you to itineraries that large cruise ships can't come close to.
Small is Better!

SeaDream Yacht Club - Norway

Small Ship Cruises

Small-scale, personal, intimate and equipped with everything you need to experience on a special holiday.
From private yachts to state-of-the-art small-size cruise ships.
Yacht Cruise Company is a cruise agency specialized in these Boutique cruises. From solo travelers to full charters, we can cater to everyone's interests. As long as it's on the water!

Feel free to contact our sales team if you need help finding the right cruise.

Boutique cruises

Are you looking for a cruise in luxury without getting lost in the crowds on a large ship? Then a Boutique cruise or Small Ship Cruise is designed for you!
It's just as blissful as it sounds; a combination of exploring your itinerary and visiting quaint little ports, all handled by an impeccable crew.
With a full range of cabins to choose from and various amenities on board.
And last but not least: a fine gourmet served daily and enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine nearby...
This makes everyone happy!

Yacht Cruise Company

Your cruise agency for sophisticated cruises
on board small ships.
The extraordinary, the adventurous and exclusivity
are all part of our philosophy.
All our staff are cruise aficionados and can often
be found on board our partner's vessels.
Not only for their holidays but also to get to know
the ships fully. This gives us the knowledge to guarantee our good service. 
Just what you can expect from specialists!


Our focus is on exploring the world aboard various types of bespoke yachts with comfortable accommodations from 4 to as much as 6-star level.
Ships with all the amenities and services of a Boutique hotel.
We work with cruise lines that constantly strive to offer interesting and beautiful itineraries, both on river cruises and sea cruises.
Getting to know itineraries and destinations from the water is very challenging and interesting!

Cruise lines

Our partners navigate their 'relatively' small cruise ships with ease to unique and beautiful destinations.
In most cases, you can enjoy shore excursions and even on our sea cruises, swim stops in idyllic locations are no exception.
We offer a wide range of cruises with different sorts of vessels worldwide. Also themed cruises for travelers with specific interests we have in our portfolio. Through this diversity, we’re able to offer you the possibility to get to know ´the New Way of Cruising´.

Our sales team will be happy to advise and help you find your Boutique cruise!