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Transatlantic cruises

Sailing between continents

'Recharge your batteries cruises', unrivalled relaxation

Experience it; that feeling of no commitments, just travelling or being on your way
and finally disembarking in a different part of the world.
Many cruise lovers prefer this and have made several ocean voyages already.
Take some books with you, enjoy the service and gourmet, meet your fellow travellers and make new friends.
These cruises are definitely worth a try.
Occasional stopovers, but during the rest of your trip enjoy sea days, casual and no hustle.

From continent to continent, e.g. the most classic crossing: from Europe to the United States or the Caribbean and vice versa.
But there is more (trans-Pacific), how about South America, Africa, Australia/NZ, Japan, the Middle East, Alaska and Asia?
So there is something for everyone, also interesting when you book a back-to-back cruise, combine the best!