Asia and Southeast Asia

So much to explore here, rivers and extensive coastlines await you

A year-round travel destination with intriguing contrasts

Asia is characterized by its diverse cultures, languages, landscapes, and historical significance.
It often has densely populated cities, and in everyday life, timeless historical-cultural aspects with ultramodern developments merge easily. Each region within Asia has its own rich cultural heritage.
This diversity is reflected in its art, architecture, literature, music, and cuisine.
For that reason, it's easy to combine your voyage with a visit on land and travel by cruise
to see several highlights and unspoiled overwhelming nature.
Discover the spiritual footprints of each region and get to know the local traditions.


Legendary Asian rivers

River cruises with in-depth significance are to be found in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.
The transboundary Mekong River is Asia's legendary river, with a rich heritage and traditions. An epic and worthwhile journey on water, with small river villages and vibrant daily life passing by.

Asia is known for its stunning natural landscapes, which can be found everywhere. FE Hạ Long Bay in Vietnam and Japan in the east is an interesting cruise destination.
But the Indonesian Archipelago is truly one for your bucket list! The numerous islands of Southeast Asia with their lush forests, beautiful bays and beaches, and rich history are worth visiting by Small Ship Cruise.
This dream destination, with impressive flora and fauna, is very fascinating.


Countries in regio Asia and Southeast Asia

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