Northern Europe & the Arctic

A rich history of seafarers and conquerors, legendary Scandinavia

A vast area with beautiful unspoiled nature

It is known for its varied landscapes, including forests, mountains, fjords and coastal areas. The northern part, stretching from the Baltics to Denmark, consists of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The polar regions of Svalbard and Greenland also count as Northern Europe because they are part of Norway and Denmark. Natural beauty, cold winters and fairly warm summers are some of the ingredients to pack your suitcase and board a Boutique Cruise for a variety of itineraries found here.

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The Baltic Sea is home to countless bays, gulfs and islands. The coastline is diverse, with rocky shores, sandy beaches and vast archipelagos, making it ideal to explore by a Small Ship Cruise. With thousands of islands and countries bordering this sea, you can discover a rich cultural heritage, with a mix of cultures and traditions. Beautiful landscapes, active port towns and interesting cities make this destination unique and worth a visit.


The Scandinavian country of Norway has a long coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean, with numerous fjords, islands and coastal features. Sea trade, as for the other countries here, has always been an important aspect of the economy and daily life. Therefore, many small towns and major port cities face the Atlantic Ocean, making it ideal to visit them by ship. Norway is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, including fjords, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and northern lights. It is also home to the rich heritage and history of the Vikings, who left an important mark on European history.

The Arctic, which includes Iceland, the Svalbard Archipelago (Spitsbergen!) and Greenland, has a frigid climate, with long, harsh winters and relatively short, cool summers. Characterized by freezing and unique ecosystems, these sea-ice-covered destinations are exciting to visit. Expedition cruises in particular make it worthwhile to explore these areas, where you can find polar bears, arctic foxes, seals, whales and a variety of seabirds.


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