Boutique cruises


┬┤The New Way of Cruising┬┤

Sophisticated cruises on small ships, with no hustle and bustle and a good amount of personal attention and fine service. A holiday to enjoy, on a ship with some amount of fellow travelers. Bohemian: 'like-minded' people

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Classic sailing cruises


Windjammers & clippers

At Yacht Cruise Company, we also offer sailing cruises on windjammers & clippers over 100 meters long. Classic and very imposing, truly a treat for the eyes! These large sailing ships offer plenty of luxury

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Expedition cruises


Where few come there is so much to see

Whether traveling to the Arctic or Antarctica, expedition ships will always take you further than where the big cruise ships can go. Different itineraries, closer to nature in all its splendor and whimsy.

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River cruises


Luxury river cruises - extraordinary!

We offer the best river cruises with renowned cruise lines. Classic itineraries, full of traditions, history and culture. Vibrant cities and picturesque villages. Beautiful landscapes with interesting sights. But also expedition river cruises

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Sportive sailing


Sailing holidays on mega yachts

Sailing along on a mega yacht with a professional crew, WOW! Pure sailing provides you with a natural feeling of freedom. The starting and finishing itineraries are always fixed, but the route is not, which makes a sailing cruise even more adventurous.

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Transatlantic cruises


Sailing between continents

Experience it; that feeling of no commitments, just travelling or being on your way and finally disembarking in a different part of the world. Many cruise lovers prefer this and have made several ocean voyages already.

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