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North America

The melting pot of the world and an adventurers' paradise

Vibrant cities, charming towns and overwhelming nature

This region includes Mexico, the United States, Canada, Alaska and British Columbia. Impressive nature combined with picturesque towns and bustling cities like New York, Vancouver, and San Francisco make North America a very diverse continent. Native Americans (Indians) were the original population in the United States, long before Europeans arrived. Today, it is increasingly a hodgepodge of all kinds of cultures; many people have emigrated there from Asia, Latin America, and Africa, leading to widespread urbanization.

Diversity of nature

Some of the diversity of nature North America has to offer: unprecedented mountain ranges, vast deserts, impressive forests, fantastic canyons and glistening lakes. Nature parks are worth a visit! Exploring this vast continent through its waterways is a true experience. F. e. a cruise on the Mississippi River takes you through several states, all with varied histories. Or consider a Small Ship Cruise on the Great Lakes, bordering Canada. Very interesting is a visit by river cruise to the former Indian territory around the Columbia River, later inhabited by American settlers.


East Coast ocean cruises are especially appealing in the South, from Florida to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. In the American Northeast, inspiring voyages along beautiful waterfronts are designed from New York City all the way to northern Canada and Greenland with its Inuit communities. The Canadian High Arctic, including the Northwest Passage, has spectacular features like the breathtaking beauty of snow-capped peaks, dramatic coastlines, evergreen forests and enduring landscapes. It is a landscape of vast untouched wilderness, where polar bears, humpback whales and walruses live in icy conditions.

Pacific Coast ocean cruises from Seattle to San Diego offer interesting itineraries, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. These major metropolises in the western U.S. are truly iconic and have many sights worth visiting. Sailing to the Baja California peninsula in northwestern Mexico is often included in these cruises. Because of its natural environment, this area is popular for whale watching.


Alaska, also bordered by Canada, is undoubtedly a unique American state. Here you will find insane natural beauty and extraordinary wildlife in a rugged landscape. Miles of wild untouched nature with vast coniferous forests, rivers, lakes, glaciers and dizzying fjords. Alaska is home to hundreds of species large and small, including wolves, grizzly bears, orcas, humpback whales and bald eagles. A Boutique Cruise brings you close to their habitat and thus the chance to see them in all their glory.

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