The Mediterranean

A legendary sea like a millennia-old history picture, romancing every traveler

Mediterranean - the rhythm of life, the lifestyle, a region of delights

An interconnected sea located between Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and Western Asia.
Known for its history and cultural diversity, but especially each year, it attracts multi-millions of tourists enjoying their holidays. It is like a magnet for many travelers interested in its history, cultures, arts and crafts, and most of all the region's lifestyle.


Incubator of Western civilization

There is a rich variety of types of coastlines with beautiful landscapes. Sandy beaches and pebble beaches, vineyards and olive groves, green hillsides interspersed with rocky cliffs, small bays with fishing villages, and full-scale harbor towns. The Mediterranean has been a cradle of civilization for millennia and has been home to numerous ancient cultures and civilizations. It has often been called the incubator of Western civilization. It played a vital role in trade, exploration, and the spread of ideas throughout history.
Even the Mediterranean cuisine is renowned worldwide.

In general, this is a very classic holiday destination and therefore sailed for many years by cruise lines too.
But only Small Ship Cruises can bring you to hidden gems and small harbors to get the taste the locals know all about.


In the western Mediterranean, long coastal stretches of Spain, France and Italy are the main sailing routes, with FE very attractive and picturesque areas like the French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Popular islands to visit are the small Balearic Islands archipelago and the larger islands like Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and Malta.

The eastern part of the Mediterranean with the Greek Islands and the Turkish Riviera accommodates perfect holiday conditions and beautiful itineraries, not to mention great Summer conditions for sailing cruises and laid-back holidays in ancient cultural settings. The Adriatic Sea is also a popular sailing area, renowned for its historic towns, beautiful nature and stunning islands, like in Croatia. Also, the ´floating city´ of Venice in the north of Italy is a major cruise destination.


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