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Soaring volcanic mountains and dreamy coral islands - a tropical destination

The perfect area for a relaxing vacation

In the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, there's the Caribbean Sea. Well known for its beautiful tropical landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and diverse cultures. Here you will find paradisiacal beaches and tropical atmospheres. The perfect area for a relaxing vacation full of swaying palm trees, warm temperatures and delicious cuisine.
Stretching from the Bahamas to Trinidad and Tobago in the south, with some large-scale islands like Cuba and the Dominican Republic in the region. But even smaller islands are popular destinations to sail to with a Small Ship Cruise.

An epic experience

FE the British Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, the Grenadines, Barbados and Martinique are truly worth visiting.
From volcanic islands with white sandy beaches to unusual tropical jungles and turquoise-blue water, visiting the Caribbean is for most travelers an epic experience, with lots of itineraries to visit. This region is also ideal for cruises with sailing yachts, stable trade winds provide reliable wind conditions from December to May.


Palm trees alongside colorful wooden houses and the special joie de vivre of the locals make the Caribbean a very charming travel destination. A varied cuisine, musical influences, and cultural heritage are all ideal ingredients for a tropical Winter break!

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