The White Continent, millions of square miles covered in ice

Awe-inspiring Antarctica, the voyage of a lifetime

It is the coldest, driest, windiest, and highest continent, with extreme environmental conditions that make it one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Why this destination needs to be on your bucket list? This polar region represented the last great frontier of human exploration. Great explorers sailed this region for exploration in the early 20th century and had to cope with its boundaries in harsh conditions. Their expeditions left their marks of interest for many explorers to follow and nowadays, regular travelers like to be at least on the packed ice as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Interesting & breathtaking

Antarctica is desolated, the temperatures along its coast are very cold, and even in the mountain summits temperatures drop below averages a human being cannot live in.
Overall, this continent is reached by cruise ships with maximized capacity from Ushuaia in the southern tip of Argentina. These expedition cruises begin by passing through the Drake Passage and perhaps the Weddell Sea,
so real adventure from the start! Very interesting, breathtaking and with specialist guided excursions a voyage you will never forget!

Despite its harsh environment, Antarctica is home to a variety of wildlife, including penguins (such as the Emperor and Adélie penguins), seals (like the Weddell, Ross, and Leopard seals) and a diverse range of seabirds.
The surrounding waters are rich in marine life, including krill, which is a primary food source for many of the region's animals, like humpback, minke and sperm whales.


Also, a great explorer cruise is a combination of sailing to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia.
Here you will find the outposts of civilization.
But very interesting to visit, as these remote islands are inhabited mainly by seabirds and have a pristine and rugged landscape.

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