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For you and your travel companions - make it all yours!

Make it all Yours!

Are you planning a trip with a larger group and thinking about a cruise?
Whether it is a river cruise or a sea cruise, with us there are lots of possibilities.

Do you have something to celebrate, such as a birthday or wedding?
Would you like to go out with your company staff #incentive?
Or have you been thinking for some time about a friends/family trip
to a beautiful destination you would like to visit together?

A charter offers many possibilities, as you can often determine the sailing route yourself.
Or opt for a few days moored in your favorite port and the yacht is your hotel!

How about the Greek islands or a trip to the Seychelles?
Discover Ecuador from the sea or take your party to Indonesia.
Make a river cruise in France, Bordeaux region, with your wine club and plan interesting excursions.

We can offer charters on private yachts,
as well as cruise ships with a capacity from 40 to 200 guests.

We can also assist groups that do not want to charter a ship, such as a discount on your booking.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities? Contact our sales team.